A Famous Iranian Actress

 Mahtab Keramati, better known by her stage name, Ahlam Karim, is an Iranian-American actress and singer. She is the latest celebrity to be added to the list of celebrities being targeted by the “CPI” (Counterfeit Currency) market. In 2021, she was chosen as UNICEF Ambassador in Iran. The reason for her appointment is that she is a fluent Persian speaker. What does this mean for the average consumer?

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According to publicly available information, Mahtab Keramati was born in Tehran, Iran, the capital city of Iran. At the age of seventeen, according to publicly available information, she started appearing in local TV and film shows, both English and Iranian. These early appearances make it clear that she has a face associated with the Hollywood entertainment industry. This is in addition to the fact that she was listed as a student at King’s College in Los Angeles, one of the top-ranked colleges in the United States. These facts, coupled with the information provided by Iranian and foreign sources, including news agencies, make it clear that we may have a new celebrity ambassador on the way in just a few years.

If Iran’s President-elect is happy with the selection of Mahtab Keramati as the new ambassador, then the new career of this talented Iranian-American will be in good hands. Iran and the United States are closely allied. Therefore, any move by Iran to cut off ties with the United States would greatly affect our relationship with the Iranian people and our relationship with the Iranian regime.

Currently, according to reports, the new career of Mahtab Keramati also includes being a motivational speaker. She has spoken at the Islamic Education Center in Washington D.C. as well as giving a series of exclusive talks at the Hoover Institute on the topic of women’s empowerment. And according to the same reports, Mahtab Keramati will begin a new eight-part series on women’s empowerment and will be the second celebrity ambassador in the region.

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Mahtab Keramati was born in Los Angeles and was a devoted student of both classical and contemporary art forms. She earned two degrees from UCLA and the University of Utah. She has also become known for her successful and lucrative acting career, which spanned seven decades and involved almost fifty films. However, according to news reports, her career was largely affected by the downfall of the shah of Iran in 1979. Many of her films were banned in the country.

In fact, according to the same news sources, Mahtab Keramati was actually selected as the best female actor of the year for her performance in the film, “A Girl Walks Through a Jungle.” The film, directed by Behnampour Kachian and starring Ashtabula Murshi, was one of the most successful movies of that year. It was so successful that it was later nominated for an Academy Award for Best Feature. Later that year, however, the company that produced that film went out of business. No further films were made by that company.

Mahtab Keramati can be credited with having played a pivotal role in the worldwide success of “A Girl Walks Through a Jungle.” That movie was a box office hit and was later made available on DVD. It is certain that without Mahtab Keramati this movie would not have been made. She has since become a superstar, earning recognition for her roles in more than a handful of well known and successful Iranian movies including “Windex.”

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Most people who are familiar with Mahtab Keramati know her as the glamorous and exotic Iranian actresses who appear in the Hollywood movies of Hollywood. However, Mahtab Keramati was born in Iran, the country of the ancient Islamic Republic. If we consider her background, she may have been a perfect choice for the lead role in the film “A Girl Walks Through a Jungle.” Not only is she a beautiful, talented actress but she is also an outstanding human being. She enjoys good health, lives in an elegant home in Los Angeles, and is known to be friendly and gracious. One day, perhaps we will once again see Mahtab Keramati on the big screen.

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