Hedieh Tehrani

 Hedieh Tehrani is an Iranian actor. She is best known for her cold-looking, stubborn and mysterious women characters. She started her acting career by playing the lead role in Masoud Kimia’s Soltan.

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Then in her second film “Ghar Ghar” (1994), she played a character called Kayoumi who was a prominent character in this film. She later went on to play another important character in the movie called Momenta. In her last film “alamakeh” (2021) she again played a crucial character. In all these movies, Iran was again in the limelight as it was the country where many of her acting jobs were shot.

Some of her popular roles include Kadhai (Bride), Nahla (Sisterhood), Tala (Thief), Tehran (Prophet) and many more. However, according to her fans and some experts, she is best known for the role of Hedieh Tehiba, the ruthless and cunning Iranian crime queen. Iran has often been criticized for not doing enough to curb its own domestic violence and rampant social evils. However, some believe that Tehrani might be able to make Iran talk more often to its western audiences as she has played a key role in telling them what the Iranian people are really like. On September 11, Hedieh Tehiba sent the message “The flames of anger have reached you” via her television screens to all Iranians who were angered by the USA’s actions regarding the September 11 attacks on their country.

Before we delve deeper into her acting career, let us first recall how Ghesseh Tehrani was born. Born in Shiraz, Iran, Ghesseh Tezai was an actress before she pursued a career in acting. She had appeared in a number of traditional Iranian movies during her early years before she decided to pursue a career in acting. It is said that Tehrani once auditioned for the part of Christoph in the movie The Nutcracker. But the part was taken by Christoph anyway. Despite this, Ghesseh did not let her disappoint in any way.

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Like most other Iranian actresses, Ghesseh Tezai also had a successful acting career in the Bollywood movie industry. She costarred with Saman Moghadam in the hit movie Hamid Karzai. There are some people who claim that the film did not do much good for the image of Iranian women in the world. However, many others believe that it was one of the best films ever made by Bollywood. In fact, the critics who liked the film claimed that Ghesseh Tezai and Saman Moghadam were the two best actors from Iran in the film industry, and it was their films that changed the way people perceived Iranian women.

Now let us look at how Hedieh Tehrani’s acting career began. After completing a successful acting course at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, Iran, Hedieh joined the then newly formed Iran Casting and Sales Company. It was here that she honed her skills as an actress in the form of small films and was able to develop her strong acting talent. At the end of the 1980s, she went to Hollywood and was cast in the lead role in one of the best known Iranian movies ever, Hamid Karzai.

When the revolution happened in Iran in 1979, the director of the Royal Academy of Arts, Kamal Mohadsehpour, asked Tehrani to come to Los Angeles to work with him. She declined and instead chose to return to Iran where she acted in a number of popular drama movies such as Mehdiyeh Karam (The Princess and the Pet). Once in Los Angeles, however, Iran saw her in a very different light and since then she has gone on to star in many Hollywood movies including Barbie, Big Bad and Hedieh Tehrani. If one is to be critical, the Iranian version of Barbie has almost no resemblance to the original doll and has been ridiculed by critics as well as fans.

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Currently Hedieh Tehrani has several projects in the pipeline including a biopic on Reza Shah Pahlavi and a movie on the life of a revolutionary leader, Ayatollah Ruhani. These roles will only add to her expanding resume which will make the chances of being recognized in the international acting industry much more likely. Besides her professional acting work, Tehrani has also been nominated several times for Best Actor in Leading Role categories at the Dubai Film Festival and the International Academy Awards. In fact, this year she is expected to win the award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Barbie.

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