Google Redeem Code Free By Junaid khan 05

Google Redeem Code Free By Junaid khan 05

Hello Friends, Welcome to my blogging website’m Junaid khan 05, and today, I bring another great blog for you. As you know, I bring you an online earning method that you can take advantage of and make money from home. As usual, today I’ll tell you about such an application through which you can earn money easily. So guys, let’s start our today topic Google Redeem Code Free By Junaid khan 05 without wasting any time.



Guys, the app I’m going to tell you about is called “Clipclap” This is a PTC application form in which you can earn money by watching ads, videos, playing games, and inviting other people. This is the best source of income for us. It is a good income app. Friends, through this app I earn 10 to 20 dollars on daily basis.

Many people earn money from Clip clap by watching videos, playing games, and watching ads, etc. For those who looking for any online income source, they should create an account on Clipclap and start Earn money from today. Guys, as I said I’m earning 10 to 20 dollars daily basis from “Clip Clap” and I want other people to take advantage of it and earn money online by sitting at home. You’ll get more rewards or gifts if you add Google redeem code to the Clipclap account I’ll tell you how you can add Google redeem code on the Clipclap app.and how you earn from Google Redeem Code Free.

How to create an account on “Clap clap”.

Creating an account on Clip clap is very simple and easy. To create an account on Clip clap follow these steps. or read from my another post.

  1. Download the Clip Clap application and install it on your mobile phone or computer.
  2. Enter your email address.

Earn money by watching videos. After creating an account on Clip clap. The first method through which you can earn money is Watching online Videos. When you open the video you’ll see a line that will start completely below the video. As the line completes, you’ll see a gift from which you can get anything like dollars, coins, etc. If you get dollars so you can withdraw directly and If you get coins then you can first convert coins into dollars then you will be able to withdraw. You’ll see the option ” Discover” from where you can select the videos category. You can select the category of videos you want to watch.

ClipClap website link are Here


Earn money by playing games.

You will see the “Games” option in Clip clap click on it so here you’ll get many games like Coin cat, Mellorush, Aquarium, etc. You can earn money by playing this kind of game. When you play games you’ll get Coins not dollars. After, getting Coins you can convert them into dollars. For converting coins into dollars, you’ll see a Coin option on top click on after this click on the “coin exchange” option all the coins you have will be converted into dollars. Besides that, you will get a reward option on the Clip clap app. When you click on it you will see many earning options, Refal tickets.

Earn money by bounty tasks.

You will see the bounty tasks option if you click on it you will get many tasks offers you can earn money by completing these tasks. You can earn millions of coins by completing the tasks and can convert coins into dollars. In starting your earnings will be very low but when you use your Clip clap account regularly your earnings will be an increase day by day.


Earn more money by Google redeem code – Google Redeem Code Free

By using google Redeemed code you’ll get more rewards. The reward will add to your Google play balance. Enter Google redeem code on Clipclap then you’ll revive more rewards in a bonus.

How to use Google redeem code in Clipclap.

First of all open the clip clap app. Then, click on the “Reward” icon. After clicking on the Reward option then you’ll see the “Redeem” option select this option and enter “Google redeem code” after this, click on “Submit” to get the reward.

Withdraw method.

Friends you can easily withdraw your money from Clip clap. In Pakistan, you can take withdraw in the shape of SIM balance. For the withdrawal method, First of all, click on the “withdraw” option then select country and then enter your SIM number. You’ll receive the balance in your SIM within 24 hours, Guys this is how you can earn 10 to 20 dollars daily by watching videos, ads and playing games on Clipclap. Hopefully, guys, you like our today topic. For more beneficial blogs keep following our website regularly. Thanks!

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