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Arviz Parastui was born in Tehran, capital of Iran. He has appeared in more than 100 films. He is known to the public as a comedian. His films have won several national and international awards, which has made him famous. He has acted in movies such as City of Angels, Crazy Heart, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and A Time to Kill.

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Arviz parasuis was born to parents who were trying to establish a business in Iran. After the two decided to quit their jobs, they decided to start their own company. They applied to the Korkale Cultural Center in Los Angeles as a cultural artist. They were accepted, but soon they were forced to leave the country due to political reasons. After that incident, they decided to change their name and start working as an actor/writer.

In order to make a name for him, he began to act in different types of Iranian and Hollywood movies. His first experience in films was in the popular war films of sepia and he got the part in Kashan. After that he acted in other popular movies such as Day One and Farsh Qadir. Later he continued to act in more successful movies such as The Secret Army, Iran, Judgment Day, A Good Woman Done Wrong, etc. All these films helped him to gain more popularity in the Iranian community and his name became well known in the Hollywood scene.

During the time of the Islamic Revolution, arviz parastui started his career in Iran. He portrayed the role of an oppositionist during this period and even though he was an actor he had been raised to respect the resistance activities of the people and he also had a genuine concern for them. He remained loyal to his Iranian identity and did not entertain any western shows and movies. He believed that the Iranian people should preserve their cultural values and he was ready to sacrifice his life for his beliefs.

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After the revolution of ayatollah rascal had come to power, his life changed dramatically. He started to act in all the movies produced by the studios of Iran. Some of his best films that have been made are Korkai, Hamy, Tehran, Separate City, Akbar, Kayhan, etc. Though he was young he was already showing signs of brilliance and his biggest achievement was winning the first best actor award in Iranian cinema after winning the award for Farsh Qadir. After that he became famous all over the world and he was nominated for an additional Oscar in his film Separate City.

Another important actor of this time who acted in the films produced by Ehsan Dabhi and Parastyeh Korkory is none other than Sayyed Mahabandi. He was an extra in the movie who provided the character of an executioner in the movie who was a double for the main character. Sayyed Mahabandi had a very good and interesting character in his film where he was playing the part of a person who was very loyal to his leader but was also a killing machine. In the climax of the movie he was the only one who was able to kill the dreaded tyrant and save the country.

The last Iranian actor to play a starring role in a popular film was a man called Yago. He was a stuntman and he appeared in a number of popular movies including Jannu, Kaylee, Korkory and Asrar. Though he was only a small part in these movies, Yago played a significant part in the plot and in the character he was given. A small role in Asrar was his first screen appearance, and he went on to star in a number of other successful Iranian movies made in India and England.

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All of the above actors were able to win the first Arviz Parastui for Best Actor in a Leading Role category. Although many other performers such as Behnam Dabhi, Behram Chowdhry and Behdad Khashfi were also present in this film, they cannot be mentioned in the same breath as the aforementioned three performers. Without their effort, the film could never have come to life like it did. It is really worth mentioning in the mention of the three mentioned actors. Only the best actors will ever get to play the starring roles in the best festival film festivals of the world.

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