How to start an E-Commerce Business in Indonesia 2023

Hy, today I am telling you about the amazing thing about business and How to start an E-Commerce Business in Indonesia 2023. Interestingly described here.

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One area in the world that has been seeing very growth is Indonesia. In the country of   Indonesia, we do e-commerce business in a very unique way more and more customers or people turning to their own online marketplaces for buying and purchasing. Tokopedia and shop is very popular in Indonesia and seeing a very popular change in their rates of increasing business in recent years.

According to a report in 2025, the expectation is i-price group e-commerce majority of sales reach to $65 billion through these two platforms. In Indonesia, if we want to do business it is very necessary to know about online marketplaces knowledge in this country. In addition, if we create a platform in this country we approach a large audience through our sales and marketing. Moreover, Indonesia is a huge market for businesses of all kinds.


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The most common e-commerce business is digital marketing here we discuss also the digital marketing and popular business uses in Indonesia country. Digital marketing is a rapidly increasing business, people all over the world use the internet to research products and purchase from them easily and in a unique way. In a world of more than 277 million people, Indonesia offers a huge market of all sizes of business. it is very necessary to understand the unique digital marketing of Indonesia to effectively reach and engage with consumers. Here we discuss the very best and most unique digital marketing channels in Indonesia including search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, social media, mobile marketing, and influencer marketing also uniquely way.



In Indonesia, through 2022 search engine optimization like Google is the top source of brand discovery. In Indonesia, the youth population uses the internet to discover brands, services, and products uniquely.40.3% of people in the range of age 16 to 64 years use the internet and discover brands and products from digital marketing.

Search engine like Google there is the SEO key that makes our Indonesia, business visible on the internet. We also optimize our website from SEO and watch our organic search result arises on the internet through Google. It is necessary for to us remember the top 3 results from a search over 70% of users on the internet through Google.

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For Example

If we have our own coffee shop in Indonesia, and our shop is located in a specific area like Kemang and we want to increase the rank of keywords like ” good coffee of Jakarta” and “famous coffee of Jakarta”.We want to include these words in our website title and content because search engine understands them easily and know their importance. But now a day mobile devices are keys. Every people in the world use mobile to search worldwide in Indonesia, its very common and prevent. It is necessary to make sure our website is mobile friendly and google also favors our competitors. How Does Amazon Influencer Program Work


social media is a very big and unique deal in Indonesia, with over the world 191 million active users in 2023, that’s percentage is around about 69 from the entire world population. And the majority of people use and access this platform through mobile devices. If we have our own business in Indonesia, it is very necessary to establish to an online presence on social media platforms through our online presence we connect with customers and audiences or clients frequently and very uniquely we provide our products and established their importance.


It is the first rank in the world, and the very most popular and unique platform in the world is Facebook. In 2023 Indonesia, ranked is third all over the world with 140 million active accounts of Facebook. Many Indonesian businesses promote their own business by using the Facebook platform through this platform they introduce their product in the world uniquely and provide specific services. And its a very great way to reach a large audience without losing time and expense. On Facebook, we create our dedicated fan page which is post updates regularly with targeted hashtags, and we also want to use paid advertising feature to display our products directly and unique way to the target audience directly. And don’t forget to the A/B test through this test we know which ads is works better than others.

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Instagram is the most important for e-commerce businesses, models, and commerce stores. It is very popular in Indonesia and our presence on this platform is crucial for success. E-commerce is also active through Instagram it’s not mean it’s the original e-commerce business platform. small businesses peoples sell their products through Instagram by adding stories and sharing pictures or videos on this platform and selling their products directly to the client and fix rates through messages or selling products by including a marketplace account through Instagram.


In messaging apps, WhatsApp is the no one and unique app of messages in indonesia.In indonesia people use this app for lot of businesses and use this primay medium to communicate with customers and sell their products.This app is not use for direct business-to-customer communication it is use to gives update to the customers through status. Another app is line using in Indonesia widely,this is the quick conversation messages app and social media.


Email marketing is the very popular and unique business in Indonesia through this business we connect with our customers and sell our products to the customers easily and describe our product with full information and details or is necessary to build a list of target customers before sending the email. In Indonesia we see large numbers of peoples young and old also use their own mobile phone and internet it is very necessary to check first our email is mobile friendly and creating no problems and we sell and introduced our products in details. And this is the basic thing to know about what email is working good and what emails work is bad. This thing helps us in future to improve our effectiveness and working about email marketing strategy.

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