Whatsapp new updates 2023

Whatsapp new updates 2023

Hi, I am here to share with you new, interesting and amazing features of Whatsapp new updates 2023. There were several new features launched by WhatsApp in 2023 that enhanced user security, including WhatsApp Communities, avatars, a self-chat feature, and tweaks to view-once media. As a result of the platform’s enhanced privacy features, WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo suggests the app will introduce new security features to WhatsApp Communities. WA BetaInfo uploaded a concept feature allowing users to control who can call them if they are included in a group.Now We will discuss 10 Whatsapp update features.

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1. Message to yourself

Whatsapp launches a new feature which is very amazing and useful.When you go to start a new chat then you will see your name. This will be as if you are chatting with others. But this message to yourself feature is only for your benefit and ease. In your chat, you will save your documents, pictures, audio files, and video files, and also make notes, time table etc. If someone sends any important document, file or message to you, but you are afraid that he will be deleted, then you will use the technique to save the document or message in your chat. When no one is online or available to chat then you will be chatting with yourself as time pass.

2. Whatsapp pol

You will take votes about anything using the Whatsapp poll feature. When you open a Whatsapp group then by clicking on the ‘plus’ button. Add your question and options for voting. You will add 12 options for voting. You will take your Whatsapp group friends’ opinions about anything using pol.

Whatsapp new updates 2023

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This feature is very useful for those who are doing business. Because they will easily get the viewpoints of her clients about anything.

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3. Chat filter

The Whatsapp chat filter is also an amazing feature. If you have a long list of messages and you checked some messages and left others. And after some time, you want to check other unread messages but you feel difficulty searching the unread messages. Then now you will use a new chat filter feature. By using this feature you will easily check your unread messages. This feature is on the right side of the search bar.  And maybe you will find this option when you click on the search bar, then it likes to be even at the bottom of the search bar.

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 4.  Delete Message by Admin

This feature is very useful for group admins. If someone breaks the rules of the Whatsapp group, create violations in the group.  If someone sends irrelevant messages, creates a disturbance in the group. Also, the other members dislike someone’s message. Then now the group admin is very powerful to delete the other message for everyone by using the delete message by admin.

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5. Group member limit

You will see that there is a limit to adding members to a WhatsApp group. Only about 512 members were added to the group. But now  Whatsapp enhances this limit. You will add 1014 members instead of 512 in a WhatsApp group.

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6. Whatsapp communities

This is very tough to send the same message to different groups at a time. Sending the same message to different groups in a limited time will consume more time. It also feels too much difficult to remember how many groups you were sending the message to.

Now, this difficulty varnishes WhatsApp. Now you will create a community, you will add 21 groups in common unity. A single group members limit is 1004. So by creating a community you will send the same message to more than 20,000 members.

7. Hide your Online Status

The settings of the WhatsApp app let you hide your Last Seen or online status from everyone, limit who can view it, or exclude certain contacts from seeing it.

If you don’t want to tell someone about your online status then now you will easily turn off the online status. By turning it off then your selected a particular or no one will see you that is online. You will show only offline.

8. Delete message time

Sometimes we forget to delete a message which we were sending to someone. In the initial, you will delete messages for everyone within some minutes. But now Whatsapp will increase the time for deleting messages for everyone.  Now you will delete messages for everyone for more than some minutes. You will delete it within 2 days and 12 hours.

9. WhatsApp document limit

WhatsApp launches a new feature to send a file with 2 GB. Initially Whatsapp allow only 100 MB files. But in new updates now you will be able to send 2 GB files to anyone.

 10. Whatsapp voice call member

Whatsapp increases the limit to call more than 32 members at a time on a voice call.  Now you can call your 32 friends at the same time. This feature is very useful for teachers who can call 32 students at a same time.

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