Aslam o Alikum Friends! I am Your Bilal Saleem . By the Grace Of Allah, I hope you are all fine and everything in your life is going to be alright. So Friends As usual today I am here to share with you a new interesting and informative topic for you. And I hope you are all like and understand it.


So Friends today I am going to tell you about that HOW TO MAKE MONEY PODCAST. And in this, I will describe everything from A to Z, like what is Podcast. Is Pod Cast easy to record? How do we record podcasts? And also how do we make money from PODCAST? Friends if you connect with me till the last I Hope you will like it and you will be able to make money online through Pod Casting. So friends let’s move on:

What is a PODCAST?

A podcast is an online audio broadcast. As we listen to the radio we listen to and upload PodCast through our smartphones on the internet. Friends basically Podcast is a combination of two words, one is iPod and the other is BROADCAST. Friends you may listen to podcasts in any place at any time like in the car, on the bus, on the plane, in the morning, in the evening, during workouts, and anywhere. Friends the most amazing thing about podcasts is, that they podcast is not expensive, it is very easy to record and publish. We may record podcasts through our smartphone recording.

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Many people love to listening podcasts. The podcast listeners’ statistics increasing day by day. Generally, people perform Solo PodCast or take interviews. I some PodCasts, friends talk with each other on a very very interesting and passionating topic. The podcast is a very amazing platform for storytelling. And Now friends I am going to tell you about the recording and Working of PodCast.


How To Record PodCast?

Friends, it is very easy and simple to record it. You Just only need two things to record Good Content and a good Microphone. Friends if you do have not a good mic, simply you just use your smartphone’s earphones in a silent room . Friends, it is very easy to record it. Friends now I am going to tell you about its works.

How Does it work?

as I mentioned earlier that podcast cast is very easy. The podcast is working on very simple and easy steps. Friends, you just record your audio file and then upload the recorded file on the podcast platform. now I will tell you about some Podcast platforms.

PODCAST Platforms

Friends there are many platforms to which we upload our podcasts. Some platforms are free of cost but some are paid Websites. Friends, I will suggest SoundCloud, HubHoper Studio, anchor FM, etc.

How do we make money online through Pod Cast?

there are multiple sources to generate your income through podcasts. But I will tell you the most important one BY You may just add sponsorship adds to your podcast platform’s description.  If it is easy you may sponsor your full podcast platform. So Friends this is my little effort to aware you of any other new thing. I hope it will very helpful for you. And I hope you will like if you want more interesting blogs please stay with me. JAZAK ALLAH.




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