How to Earn Money From Tiktok By Junaid Khan 05

How to Earn Money From Tiktok..

Hi friends, Welcome to my blogging website Hi Guys, I’m Junaid khan 05 and today I come with another interesting and benificial topic. Today I’ll tell you how you can earn online money by sitting at home. Friends, as you know, I bring you new ways of earning online everyday. So, even today I have come up with a great online earning topic for you, a topic through which everyone can easily make money. So, let’s talk about our today topic..Guys today I’ll tell you that how you can earn money by Tiktok.  You may all be surprised to hear that how this is possible to earn money from Tiktok but friends it is true now you can earn money from Tiktok because Tiktok has update its app and added a new feature in it through which you can earn money by just watching video on Tiktok.

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Friends as you know, Tiktok is a popular social media app through which many people enjoy and it is a big source of entertainment for us. Tiktok is an app that allows you to create videos from 15 seconds to 1 minute. Tiktok is the most famous app worldwide and it has the most viewers in the world. In Tiktok you can make videos on any topic like comedy, education, social message, etc. Any person in this world can create an account on it and can be popular overnight. Many of us become famous overnight by making fun videos on TikTok. Tiktok is the most downloaded app in the world. Friends now come to our main topic. Our today main topic is how we can earn money from Tiktok. Guys, now you can earn money by Tiktok just watching videos on Tiktok.

How to earn money from Tiktok?

How to earn money from Tiktok?

Guys first of all open you Tiktok app. Click on the “Me” option which is at the bottom of the app. Now look at the top of your account you’ll see “golden” icon Click on it . When you’ll click on golden icon an interface will open up in front of you as you can see in the screenshot below. Now you’ll see “invite” icon through which you can earn 440 rupees by inviting your friends. The more people you invite the more you’ll get Rs.440 for each invitation.Now come downward you’ll see option “Enter invite code to earn 30000 points” so here guys all you have to do is add code that I’ll tell you now. Guys you have to enter this code ” B6967681″

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Other Ways To Earn Money From Tiktok..

 share the page with friends when you share page you’ll get 6000 points everyday. You can get 12000 points daily by post video. If you watches video daily for 5 min you’ll get 1200 points, if you watches video for 15 min you’ll get 3600 points and if you watches video for 25 min you’ll get 9600 points For recieved your rewards, invite a friend who isn’t on Tiktok yet. When your friends uses your referral code you’ll get 60000 points. After that, your friends watch videos on Tiktok for 3 days you’ll get 60000 points. If your friends watches video on Tiktok for 5 days you’ll get 120000 points. When your friends watches videos on Tiktok for 7 days you’ll get 200000 points.  

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How to withdraw from Tiktok?

Friends when you’ll get 300000 points In your Tiktok account your can take withdraw in shape ko SIM balance you can take balance in Jazz, Telenore, Zong, Uphone Sims.Hopefully guys you like our today blog. For more informative and benificial blog keep following our website. Thanks!

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Increase Earning Code..


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