Marcello Mastroianni – Filmography of a Legendary Actor

 Marcello Mastroianni is one of the most prolific and respected Italian directors in the world. Born in Turin, Mastroianni grew up studying acting and, later, film making. Later in life, he managed to combine both arts and cinema. Marcello Mastroianni is best known for his two films that he directed and starred in: The King Of The Jungle (1958), and Amadeus. Both films achieved perfection on the international market, thus proving that it’s not impossible for an Italian director to make a hit on the worldwide market. Marcello Mastroianni may be best known for his role as the cruel king of the jungle in King of the Jungle, but the man behind the scenes can hardly be ignored.

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Marcello Mastroianni

Marcello Mastroianni has also directed, acted and produced a number of movies in different languages. His first two Italian films were awarded the Grand Prize at the Venice Film Festival, receiving widespread critical acclaim. As a result of this work, Mastroianni’s name has become synonymous with Italian films, not just in Italy, but in the whole world. Most Italian viewers are used to only Italian movies when they hear his name, thus making his presence all the more significant.

Marcello Mastroianni’s most famous role was that of the tailor Fontana in Amadeus. This was arguably his greatest role, and he also appeared in some other famous works such as La Strada (also with Bettie Greco). It was also here that he acquired the first of his well-known scars. However, the scars on this actor’s body were completely natural and did not resemble any kind of scars left by the bullet that killed him. Another thing that is interesting about Marcello Mastroianni is that he never tried for any part in any Italian films during his life, even if he had been a highly regarded actor. The reason for this is quite clear: He could not get anyone to want him.

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As a matter of fact, he was so desperate for his recognition that he actually travelled to Rome to try and be recognized by Marcello Mastroianni himself. However, he was disappointed when he was refused and almost gave up. It is said that he travelled back to his native Italy to try again, but was refused again, so he returned to Rome, where he spent the next 10 years trying again to get a part in his own movie. Finally, he succeeded in getting in a small role in La Strada, but that was about it.

For many years, no one gave the little-known actor any chance. However, in the early sixties, something happened that changed everything. Mastroianni’s name was put into circulation when he appeared in a stage play, which was filmed in Venice. This gave him the exposure that he needed, and he was soon recognized as someone who was talented.

A small role in the movie La Dolce Vita, alongside Robert Duvall, transformed him from a nobody to an actor most sought after. The movie won four Oscars, including Best Picture, and Robert Duvall made him famous. Marcello Mastroianni worked hard after that, landing some smaller roles, but nothing near what he achieved after playing the lead role in La Dolce Vita.

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With such a fantastic resume, one would think that Mastroianni should have a film debut in each of the following decades, but such is not the case. He appeared in one Italian film, called La Strada, in 1970, which did not do so well at the box office. Then he appeared in the Italian soap opera Lotto, in which he played opposite Paolo and played a part in one of the strongest scenes in the show’s history. Mastroianni has since appeared in many TV shows, including one special for Italian viewers that ran on British TV.

There is no doubt that Marcello Mastroianni is one of the greatest actors that ever lived in Italy, and this is only confirmed by the fact that he has won six Academy Awards. Some people might say that there are other Italian actors who have been nominated for more awards, but this is actually an award that is given once, at the Grammies. Other than this, Mastroianni has been nominated for his work in La Dolce Vita, Fellini’s La Dolce Vita, Amalfiomenal, Amores Perros and Piazza Campi. Some people might say that Mastroianni is a great actor who has managed to win a lot of awards, but the fact of the matter is that he is also very humble and kind. People might say that he does not receive the same level of respect as some other Italian actors, but then again, people who are just famous, are easily respected.

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