Best Films By Giancarlo Giannini


Best Films By Giancarlo Giannini

Giancarlo Giannini

Giancarlo Giannini, also known as Giancarlo Giordano, is an Italian actor, singer and screenwriter. He has acted in a number of Italian films and has achieved success in the film industry. In 1990, he formed the band “Tiger” with fellow Italian actors Angelike Perussi and Chiara Polizzi and was involved in several other musical ventures. In recent years, Giannini has pursued acting in TV, but his biggest break was winning an Academy Award for his role in Love and Chaos.

Giannini has also achieved considerable success in the theatre, contributing significantly to the development of opera as a genre and winning a stage award for playing Donizetti in La Perloga. Additionally, he has played different characters in numerous plays, films and television shows, including Vittoria, Turin, La Cosa, Coup De France and Otello among others. It was also during the 1980s that Giannini played the title role in the film adaptation of Mario Puzo’s novel The Godfather. He went on to star in the series The Sopranos and ended up earning critical acclaim and popular acclaim for his work.

Most notably, Giancarlo Giannini played the main character in Lina Wertmiller’s drama The Price of Desire, which was later made into a feature-length film by the similarly named director Matteo Gallo. The Price of Desire told the story of Lina Wertmiller’s husband, Orlando von Moltke, a World War Two deserter who becomes close with her daughter, Liana (Sandra Oh), and subsequently falls in love with her. The movie centres on the fact that both women are aware that their loved one is collaborating with the German army against the Italian resistance during the war, but they remain in love with each other nonetheless. The movie also starred Joanna Frogg, Ed Harris and Edward Herrmann.

In a similar vein to Lina Wertmiller’s The Price of Desire, Giancarlo Giannini also played the title role in the equally successful The Seven Beauties, which was made by the similarly named director Mario Giunta. The movie itself chronicled the rise of two women: Fabiola Castraro (Giancarlo) and Piero Volpi (Carlo). They were high school classmates when they first began meeting and later became good friends. Their friendship flourished into a passionate romance that lasted throughout much of the late nineteen sixty-sixties.

The movie, which had its premiere in Milan and London, was initially intended for Italian audiences but it finally reached theaters in the United States following its successful home release. Due to the success of The Seven Beauties, Giancarlo became well known in the U.S. This was partly due to the fact that he portrayed the character of Fabiola, which at the time was a popular choice for a hero’s name. Giancarlo Giannini also made a name for himself as an actor in the more non Romance, non-heros categories of movies such as La casa d’or, Dona glori e non troves, Vintreuse falta and Mio cuore.

One movie that not many people know about, which was also written and directed by Mario Giunta, is Giancarlo Giannini’s first ever lead role. The movie is La Strada, a true Italian crime drama that was released in 1965. Giancarlo plays Mario Costanzo, a young, arrogant, and affluent Italian man who is suspected of involvement in the murder of an Italian priest. The investigation that goes along with the case leads Mario to learn that his younger sister, Elisabet, was actually the real victim in the case. As the case intensifies, it becomes clear that Mario has to face the justice that comes with being branded a ‘conscienceless’ person.

Another one of Giancarlo Giannini’s first films was Amores Perros or Happy Together, also directed by Mario Giunta. This was another movie that didn’t quite live up to expectations as the film didn’t exactly entertain but instead left many fans wondering how the whole thing started. Giancarlo Giannini also had a recurring role in the movie As Nature Calls, as an aging old man who returns to claim his inheritance from his great-grandfather.

In recent years, Giancarlo has only made Italian films, such as Amores Perros and La Spezia. However, it seems that he has been working on a new project for quite some time now, and the project is called The Locarno, which is in pre-production right now in Italy. It is due to start shooting in the near future, and the role that he is supposed to play is that of a translator. Whether or not we will see this film is still to be seen. What we do know is that Giancarlo Giannini has proved throughout his career that he is a talent that is capable of producing quality Italian movies. There is no doubt that he will continue to make a name for himself in the Italian industry.

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