How To Hide App in Android

How To Hide App in Android.

Hey, what’s up everybody its Junaid here with Today I’m going to tell you how to hide app in android within a seemingly innocent calculator. Application to do so you will need a rooted device. so check out our route guide this can be done within two Minutes depending on how fast you are.

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Install the free application To

After being rooted go ahead and go to the Play Store install the free application called smart hide calculator. The calculator itself has a cool basic interface and it’s actually fully Functional. you can do math equations. If you want to there you go but when you initially open it it’s going to say set password and you’re just going to put some numbers. Mine’s 1988 and then you’ll hit equal after doing. So you’re gonna have to confirm it equal after the second time you’ll have to set a secondary pass. we’re just in case if we get the first one now to access the recovery mode for your second passcode.

Download The App Hider 

How to Do If You Forget password

In case you forget the first one eight one two three four five six seven eight nine plus nine eight seven six five four three two one hit equal there you go. you’re in recovery mode that’s just in case you forget the first one but we didn’t forget it. so I’m gonna go ahead. and hit the one I actually set to begin with and hit equal this opens the secret interface. now you’ll notice it said – it says hide files hide files has been getting some issues reported on the Play Store. so we’re not gonna cover that because I don’t want you deleting or exhaling hiding your files. and not being able to access them again but freezing your apps works perfectly you’re gonna open it up it will need root access.

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Hiding Some Apps. ( how to hide app in android )

so obviously Instagram or let’s say Facebook let’s just go ahead. and hide those two applications so they will disappear from your app drawer. and if you have them on your front page or your main home screen. it will actually say application not installed. so maybe you’ll want to remove them from your home screen. but we’ll go into the app drawer and they’re actually not

there. so Instagram not here let’s go there’s Facebook  not here so you get the point so let’s go back into the calculator and put our code now we’re just gonna go and unfreeze you just select it and it’s unfrozen and you have access to it again let’s go that one again there you go and now you have regular access to your application and don’t worry didn’t delete any of the data from definitely check out the full guide.HopeFully, You Learn How To Hide App in Android.

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Other Method Of Hiding Apps


If you have a Samsung phone or any other phone that offers a Secure folder, you can use that.Let’s install the app we will need.

First, we need to go to the Play Store.

So open Play Store On the search above, write Apex Launcher.

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 Download Apex Launcher 

Now tap on search. After you have found the app, tap on install, and wait. You have now installed Apex Launcher on your Android device.Open The App After It Install. Select here your drawer style and hit next.  Select home screen transitions and tap Next. If you wish to buy a pro license, you can do that, but I will use the free version of the app. So I will tap on Skip from the top. Tap again, Skip. Let’s close this ad. Now tap Homescreen. Now we are in the new launcher. If you get a notice to make it your default launcher, please do so. Keep your finger on your screen for 1-2 seconds.

You will get this menu.

  • Tap on Hidden Apps.
  • Tap on Add hidden apps.
  • Select the apps you want to hide and hit Save.
  • Now, these apps are hidden.

But there is a problem still.

If I know the exact name of the app, I will be able to open it. How can we fix that? what Is The Method Of App Secure? On the same menu we have to tap on App Lock. Draw A new Lock To Unlock, how you wish. Now draw again the pattern to confirm. You might get a notice like this. Tap confirm. Now tap Grant. Tap on Apex launcher. And enable Permit usage access.

Now the apps have been locked.

You have now hidden apps on Android, and you have set up security for those apps in case somebody finds them. If this was useful, please share. Hopefully, You Learn How To Hide Apps in Android.




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