How To Create Binance Account

How To Create Binance Account

Hi guys, welcome to my another blog. Today I bring another interesting and useful topic. We’ll talk on the app which name Is Binance. You guys may be listen the name of Binance on different social media platforms. Mostly people wants to know that how to create account on this app so today I’ll make help you to make account on Binance app. I’ll tell you complete process of making account with step by step which make easy for you to understand.

What Is Binance App

Besically, Binance is cryptocurrency trading platform. Where we can trade cryptocurrencies. It’s provide crypto wallet for store your funds. This is the most famous and best crypto trading broker in the market and have 50m+ clients. This very reliable and safe crypto trading platform. Binance is mostly like by the people because of its fast and easy method of trading. You can easily buy or sell your crypto coin on this app. It’s offer crypto to crypto trading and there is more than 600 cryptocurrency for trade like Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Doge coin, lite coin and more on. Binance charge no fee on deposit of crypto but it’s charge fee on withdraw crypto it’s depending on amount of crypto.

Method Of Create Binance Account

Method of creating account on Binance is very easy and simple you can register your account with your email address or phone number.

  • First download Binance app and install.
  • If you want to make account on your mobile number than enter your mobile number.
  • If you wants to make account on your email address than enter you email address.
  • Verify you email address or mobile number.
  • Enter strong password which should have minimum 8 strong characters.

Binance account

Thai is how you can register your account on Binance for more verification provide your CNIC which will make you account more secure.

How To Deposit On Binance

You can deposit on your Binance account with your bank card or others external wallets. You can deposit on the crypto currency on which you wants to deposit. Mostly people use stable coins for the deposit or withdraw like USDT, BUSD. These are the stable coins and they remain stable on any situation of market. So mostly people use stable coins usdt and busd for trade so before trading first deposit on usdt or busd buy your bank account. Another process is you can deposite with your external crypto wallet like trust wallet. For this method go to wallet select your coin and than select deposit and copy that address and use this addres on your external crypto wallet for deposit.


You cane also deposit on your wallet from p2p platform. Where you can’t get deposit in usdt, busd, bitcoin. You just have to select method on which you want to deposit then you’ll see many sellers who wants to sale crypto you can buy crypto by sending them payment on their bank account and they’ll release your crypto.

Method Of Taking withdrawl..

You can withdraw your crypto currency profit on stable coins like usdt , busd. Then you can transfer to your other external wallets. And if you wants to take withdrawl in USD, Pound, Euro Or you country currency than go to Binance p2p platform select your currency then you’ll see buyers ads who wants to buy your crypto and other method is you can make your self ad on your Binance p2p where you can easily sale your crypto currency. This is how you can take withdrawl easily.

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Hopefully you guys like my today’s blog and I hope this will make easy for you to understanding of Binance app. For more informative topic keep following our blog on daily basis. Thanks

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