How To check Sim Number In Telenor

Hi, Guys This Is Junaid Khan 05, And on Today’s This Blog I am Going To Discuss How To check Sim Number In Telenor So Without Any Wasting Of Time let’s Get Started.

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Methods Of Checking Telenor Sim Numbers.

Here we Discuss Three Methods of Checking Zong numbers. So These Three Are.
Sim Number By Sms.
To Check Sim Number By Call.
Check Sim Number Online.

How To check Sim Number

Telenor Number Check Code 2022

  • Check via SMS
  • Send an empty SMS
  • 7421

Send 7421

Method 2 | Call 345

  • you need Three Things
  • NAME
  • CNIC
  • IMSI Number (You’ll find at the back of your sim)

Call 345

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Method Three Telenor Website Live Chat

  • CNIC
  • IMSI number
  • You Should Login on to Telenor and click Live Chat on Below right of your screen. Or On smartphones,

Telenor Live Chat

How to Check Inactive Telenor Sim Number

Guys for More Information We are Discuss How to Check Inactive Telenor Sim Number. So in order to check inactive sim number. You will follow method 2 and three only. Because method no 1 are not working for this

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