What Is Web 3.0 And How To Make Money With It

Hi Everyone, My Name Is Junaid Khan And I Am The Founder Of Adnantechyt.com.In this article What Is Web 3.0 And How To Make Money With It

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First of all, I would like to tell you how the internet began. ( what is web 3.0 )

Back in 1990 until 2005, there was a huge trend going on about Web 1.0. so a huge number of people have made big money from Web 1.0. After the big trend of Web 1.0, another internet trend started from the year 2005. until 2020, and Web 2.0 started smashing in the world of the internet. In This Blog I Expalin What Is Web 3.0.


App Store And Play Store Invention

In the past, we had lots of competition which also involved Adobe Flash. So the big fight with the Apple company decided that they will not tolerate the Flash of Adobe. There was also a big trend of domain buying and selling. Apple started its innovation process which also created its own App Store. As well as this, Google launched its Play Store. and we already know that if anyone created an app, the two choices are App Store or Play Store. As you know, a normal currency such as the US Dollar can be controlled. we know that America printed the US Dollar, and these days it is a big reason for inflation.

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NFT And Digital Currency

we will have to face looking at the economy of any country. The USD can be flown up and down and this is the biggest factor that affects the economy. However, a digital currency cannot be printed and is also available in a digital form.it is also decentralized and cannot be brought rate up and down by a country. For example, we have a BTC which has a big value nowadays. As well as this we have the NFT products which are also digitally available online. the creator of the NFT can sell the ownership online and earn big money from its NFT products.i also Explain About Nft In This Blog Click Here

We also have Metaverse, NFTs, Digital currencies, and much more such as domains that we can buy for a less price and sell the domains to other people and make a huge amount of money from domain buying and selling.

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We have a great opportunity to make money online. such as developing websites and selling to other people. creating NFTs such as the Twitter CEO who invented its platform and sold the screenshot of his first-ever NFT product. He sold the screenshot of his first-ever tweet for 2.5 million dollars to someone else online.

I hope that you have learned about What Is Web 3.0 in This Blog Thank you so much for visiting www.adnantechyt.com

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