What Is NFT Marketplace

Hi Guys, My Name Is Junaid Khan And I Am The Founder Of Adnantechyt.com.In this blog post, you will learn What Is NFT Marketplace.NFT is a short form of Non Fungible Tokens and before I start describing the basics and actual purpose of NFT.So it’s really important that you understand the big difference between Fungible Tokens and Non Fungible Tokens before you start learning the actual basic knowledge related to NFT.

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Example Of NFT

imagine that I am living in the nearest circumstances Lahore and I need to go to the main Zoo of Lahore. Now imagine that all of us are reaching the Ticket counter to buy three tickets to enter the main Zoo in Lahore. I am going to ask the person serving customers to give me three tickets for three people but when the person serving us gives three tickets.

we will get all three tickets and there will be no need to say our names and give any information to the person on the ticket counter. This will be a brilliant example of a Fungible token which is the tickets that we bought and anyone of us can use any of those three tickets that we got from the ticket counter agent.

A Non Fungible Token.

A Non Fungible Token is a Ticket that requires everyone to enter their fingerprint or thumb impression to buy the ticket and it cannot be exchanged with other people and only you can use the ticket which you bought by entering your fingerprint.

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NFT in the Cryptocurrency


Now I am going to explain NFT in the Cryptocurrency concept and I will also give you detailed information on the basics of NFT in the environment of Crypto.

NFT is a Non Fungible Token that cannot be exchanged or being used by other people and is basically a Unique Product. For example, a Non Fungible Token in the Crypto concept will be a unique digital product that cannot be exchanged with other people. In the Crypto World, a Non Fungible Token will be created by your Digital Product which can be anything that you turn from a normal product such as Skills that you have learned in the past. you have to create a Video Course which can give all the knowledge related to that specific skill from a physical form to a digital form. Meta Also Introduced its Coin That Name Mana Coin. You Can Learn About Metaverse Here

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A Non Fungible Token will have no duplicate copy and will not exist until you create a fully unique digital product and it cannot be exchanged.

NFT has a really powerful potential in building a fantastic connection between the Non-Fungible Products with the Fungible Products and if this happens NFT will become a Game Changer Factor for this World.


One of the common questions that all of you guys might be asking yourself is is there a possibility of creating your own NFTs? The answer is yes, you can definitely create your own NFTs which desire. and you can dell this on World Most Popular Marketplace which Name is Opensea.io

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There are a huge number of websites that are offering you a service to create your own NFTs in the online environment using your computer or laptop.

Here are the Top 10 NFT Websites That You Can Visit:

  1. Portion
  2. pence
  3. Raible 3. super rare 4. Foundation 5. AtomicMarket 6. Myth Market 7. BakerySwap 8. Known Origin
  4. By using these NFT Websites, you can turn your skills into a Digital product also known as Digital Course which you will be selling the ownership of the Unique Non Fungible Tokens which you have created in a unique way and people will be buying the ownership of your NFTs and you will use NFT Websites to market your Non-Fungible Tokens and reaching out clients and they will buy your Digital NFT Products.
  5. Now I would like to give a real example of a person who sold his NFT Product so make sure you keep reading along
  6. Jack Dorsey converted his tweet into an NFT Product and he sold the ownership of his NFT product to another person. He sold the copy of his NFT for $2.5 Million US Dollars which is equal to 25 Lakh American Dollars. If you want to see the proof of this tweet, you can easily log in to Twitter and scroll back on the tweets of Jack Dorsley until you find his first-ever tweet.

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