What Is The Metaverse And Where Did This Began?

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In this blog post, you will learn What Is The Metaverse.so you will find all the information in this article which you might be asking yourself. I will explain Everything related to NFT and Metaverse in very simple words.

people who cannot speak English very well will be able to understand What Is NFT as well as this. all of you guys will learn all the basics of NFT and the superb concept of Metaverse.

The METAVERSE is basically a space that is based on VR as Virtual Reality.

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Anyone can enter the Environment of META by using their computer or laptop very easily. but take in mind that the Metaverse environment that the META concept is based on is on a computer generator field.it does not involve the original environment which is also named the real world where we live in.

Example of the META Field

Imagine that I am sitting in a location and you guys are watching me on the mobile phone or computer screen.you are thinking that you are telling yourself that you want to sit with me. but I know that you do want to sit with me anyways let me explain to you how the META Technology works. The Metaverse Technology involves putting the META Glasses. when you look inside after putting on those glasses, you will see a Virtual world of Meta inside and you will think that you are sitting with me and we are talking to each other but in reality, we will be in a different location. Here you can learn about meta fields.

I would like to tell you that this META concept started to get viral when Mark Zuckerberg did a live stream on his Facebook and he showed that he wears glasses. In the glasses, he showed that he goes in a virtual environment and he can change his clothes and go anywhere where he wants but in reality, he is based in a location in the actual world where we live in. He showed that he can do everything he wants wearing the VR Glasses.

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How You Can Make Money From Metaverse?

Some of you guys might be asking if it is possible to make money from Metaverse, the answer is Yes you can definitely make money from Metaverse.the currency that you can buy and sell in order to make money on Metaverse is the Digital Currency which is also called the Coin.you can trade through using Cryptocurrency such as Libra which is a Digital Currency of Facebook.You will buy and sell coins using Binance and all money that you spend will remain in your Binance  Account. which you can withdraw any time you want to make money out of your account and when you want to buy coins. you can just deposit money by using your bank account instantly.

What Is The Dark Side Of Metaverse?

they think that he can keep an eye on the privacy of people and sell personal data.

people have on their Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp Accounts and he sells information of people to companies to make money. In the eyes of Mark Zuckerberg, people are only a profit and he thinks that if anyone tries to talk against Facebook or Mark Zuckerberg himself, he will not tolerate Freedom OF Speech on this platform.

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Religion Taught?

Our Religion Islam already told us about what will be happening with people when the End Of Times will be reached which Muslims also understand as Qayamat Ki Nishania. Our Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him said that before the Day Of Judgements arrives, people have no control over their privacy and Privacy not be in control of the hands of people. As well as this, we are exposing our privacy on Google, YouTube, Twitter, and other Social Media Websites.

In my opinion, Mark Zuckerberg is a big blunder and people are following him like idiots. He is trying to tell us that people can do whatever they want and they can get whatever they want. The Reality is that people are not thinking about what is their purpose in this real world.

My biggest message to Mark Zuckerberg

is do whatever you want, you will never succeed and open your ears and listen you cannot control anyone because only Allah Almighty can control everything. Allah Almighty says in the Quran Do Not Be Scared from the planning of your enemies, Your God Is The Best Planner. Kindly search onGoogle what is the actual meaning of 666 and you will know all the REALITY.


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