Ehsaas Program By Government Of Pakistan

Ehsaas Program By Government Of Pakistan

Ehsaas Program is Pakistan’s largest social safety network. This program is held by the government of Pakistan. The main purpose of this programe is to decrease the poverty ratio in Pakistan. This program was launched in March 2019. In time of 2year Ehsaas programe distribute $1.3Billion to the needy. This program is only for the needy and poor people of Pakistan. It’s also support welfare state of Pakistan. Government of Pakistan give RS12000 every month to the eligible families. Government of Pakistan give 0.3% of its GDP in EHSP every year.

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EHSP also give scholarships to the poor children which make help them in their study. Through EHSP government of Pakistan releases health cards for the needy through which they can get free treatment in any government hospital of Pakistan. This program is also help to poor widow and divorced women’s. This program is for all over the Pakistan. This is the best move of government of Pakistan for the poor and needy people’s.

Ehsaas Program scheme 2021.

EHSP 2021 scheme had been launched by the prime minister of Pakistan Imran khan. The scheme main mission is that to give Rs12000 to the poor and jobless people. This scheme also target to the jobless people and government of Pakistan ask them to mention their companies where they were doing jobs after auditing if they were eligible for this program they will get Rs12000.

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How to join EHSP..

I’ll tell you the complete process of join Ehsaas Program. I’ll tell you complete detail with step by step so keep following..

1. First of all, visit this website  ehsas program

2. When you reach to the website you’ll see option “Apply for Ehsaas Program” just click on it.

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3. Now you’ll get a form where you have to add some required information.

4. Add your CNIC number.

5. Enter your mobile number. When you’ll enter number you’ll get a confirmation code.

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6. After confirmation now some more details are required which is following.. 

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  • What is your type of income, Monthly/Daily wages.
  • Profession
  • Monthly income
  • Owner’s name
  • Mobile Phone Number 
  • Select District/Tehsil

This is the complete process of apply for the registration of EHSP. This is only for the eligible families. If you want to know that, you are eligible of not got this program you can send you CNIC in this number “8171”.

From Where I Can Apply For Ehsaas Program.

You can visit Nadra office for the registration of EHSP.

You can go any computer center for the registration of EHSP.

For registration, you can download the form of EHSP on your mobile.


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