Four YouTube Kids Apps For Your Apple iPhone Or iPad


Four YouTube Kids Apps For Your Apple iPhone Or iPad

YouTube Kids is an American online children’s video service launched by YouTube, a division of Google. The program offers a customized version of the video service geared towards kids, with several customizable features, parental control capabilities, and filtering of educational videos deemed inappropriate for children below 7 years of age. This service is accessible via mobile devices, webcams, and the internet. The cost of this service is $2.99 per month or can be paid as a subscription.

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YouTube Kids offers several channels from which to choose. There are options to watch videos according to what your child prefers. You can even see what your kids are watching on their personal channels. The program comes with a library of over one hundred and fifty educational channels, many of which are supported by the PBS Kids app. In addition, all videos are moderated by adults in their own homes.

To help parents monitor what their kids view and to allow them to control what they want their kids to view, YouTube Kids comes with built-in parental controls. The main page of the application contains a “watch history” button which allows you to manage your kids’ viewing activities. You can hide and block videos based on inappropriate content or language, manage subscriptions to specific channels, and edit your kid’s personal settings.

In addition, you can also add and manage up to five custom channels for YouTube Kids. These channels appear below the main category of “tube” and are customized to show related videos to your kid’s education. By clicking on “edit” on any channel, you can make the video private or block certain keywords and tags. YouTube Kids offers three different styles for its buttons: light, dark, or solid.

YouTube Kids doesn’t have a very wide selection of licensed educational videos. However, it does offer a good selection of learning and educational videos from local colleges, universities, and K-12 schools. The official YouTube Kids app provides access to a number of different schools including Kaplan, Algebra, Geometry, Science, History, and more. You can also find several government-approved curricula and activities featured on the official YouTube Kids app. Other apps on the kids app are supported by advertisers who display ads related to the content in the selected YouTube channel.

YouTube Kids has several features that make watching educational videos easy. When you open the “About” and “Help” options on a channel, you will see helpful information about the creator and the program. Some channels provide transcripts for videos, and some allow you to browse by grade. Certain channels are supported by online teachers who can post lessons and teach you in real-time. There are also several channels dedicated to videos related to cooking, cars, and more.

The third option in the YouTube Kids app for iPhone and iPad is the Channel Partner Program. Through this feature, parents can sign up for events and promote their kids’ education through various social media outlets. When a user searches for something on YouTube, the program searches for relevant channels based on the terms entered. If one of your child’s chosen channels is promoted on the Channel Partner Program page, it will appear with the appropriate icon. If you accept an invitation to be featured on the page, your child’s educational videos will appear on the main channel page as well. The program offers advertisers the ability to place graphics and ads on your child’s educational videos.

The fourth option, called the Kids Trend Lab, is the most interesting option. You will need to access the channel through a web browser. The Kids Trend Lab brings the best of current trends straight to your kids. You can search through channels such as math, games, karate, makeup, and more. Once you find a trend that you think your child will enjoy, you can add it to the kids’ channel. Every new video will be listed on the channel.

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