How Nonprofit Organizations Make Money From Mobile Apps

Nonprofit organizations often make money from mobile applications by collecting fees from its visitors. They then pass those fees along to their staff, who in turn work hard to implement programs and increase funds. Companies and service providers who want to reach a wide variety of their customers can gain from mobile application development as well. There are many mobile application developers available to create these applications and even more who can offer professional consulting services.

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make money from mobile

Nonprofits have made news before with their apps. One of the most popular examples is Reach Out Mobile, an iPhone app that connects clients to charities that are reaching out to them through their iPhones. The app allows users to donate time, energy and money using their chosen charities’ chosen methods. It also helps users find a local food pantry or soup kitchen, connect them with other advocates, and lets them volunteer through various apps.

Other nonprofit groups have used apps to further their causes. One such group, Students For Fair Trade, has a popular mobile game, Seller Zone. The game features real-life products, and users earn money for buying and selling the items in the game. The app allows users to earn money based on the actual cost of the item, according to supply and demand in the marketplace. The idea of this kind of monetization is becoming more commonplace in the nonprofit world, as well.

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Nonprofits may not have access to capital to develop and maintain a website or hire programmers to make an app. Fortunately, there are companies who provide low-cost mobile application development solutions. Some of these companies include ZaaZoom, which offer an open source Android app to raise revenue; Coding Cancer, which provide a platform to raise money; and JustGiving, which provide donations in the form of a mobile application. These companies can help nonprofits develop a successful app quickly, inexpensively, and with minimal programming or coding skills.

Nonprofits might also want to consider a fundraising app. Users can purchase content within the app, which allows them to make money from ads. The apps generally do not require heavy downloads and can be promoted via social media, email, text, and other methods. Some apps, however, require high-value in-app purchases or subscriptions in order to make money from donations. These apps could be made for non-profit groups, like schools or churches, or they could be developed by a private company or individual.

Some apps allow users to customize the way in which they will earn money. These types of apps typically include advertising options, like sponsored text and banner ads, or cost per click options, which pay a certain amount per click. Other types of in-app ads allow users to place ads on their pages, which might limit the displayed content and, again, allow them to make money from donations.

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There are many ways that nonprofit organizations make money from donations. Since a large number of nonprofit organizations rely on donations, it is important to choose one option that will appeal to donors. The two most common options are selling items or drawing donations through raffles or games. It is up to the donors to decide which option appeals most to them.

As the demand for nonprofit organization and charitable action programs continues to increase, more people are creating innovative ways to make money from mobile apps. The key for a nonprofit organization and charity organizations, then, is to locate an app inventor that can create a highly engaging app that solves a core problem, creates a new revenue stream, and allows users to make donations using their cellular devices. Finding such an individual can be accomplished by doing research, networking with others in the business, and asking questions. When searching for a Mobile Phone Games developer, organizations should keep in mind that some game developers specialize in particular types of apps. Also, nonprofit organizations may want to consider paying a nominal fee to have the mobile app developer create specifically for their organization.

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