Jragen Vogel’s Score – A Review

 Jrgen Vogel is a German film director, writer, actor and singer. One of today’s most successful German characters, he debuted in 1992 with his performance in Little Sharks. Since that time he has appeared in more than a dozen films, most notably Grimsby (2021), Gossip Girl (US), The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Eat Pray Love (US) and The Prophecy (NL). He is also a musician, playing keyboards and guitar.

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This past week, Jrgen Vogel received an award from the academy of sciences of America for his work in the science fiction film The Island. He is up for a best actor award at the Oscars this year, and I think he will win it. This is quite an accomplishment for a tiny actor from Austria. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

One thing that strikes me as being similar to Vogels music is that of a metal or hard rock band. In The Island, the character is also played by Jef Verscheren, who is of Gothic descent and performs with a black and white band called “The Black Dogs.” A similar band name was used by the band Black Sabbath for their song, “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.” Of course, there are many other hard rock bands that have made contributions to the science fiction genre. Examples include the Black Sabbath albums, Iron Man, and Born Again. So, I would say that both bands may have been influenced by the music of J.V. Vogels.

What impresses me about J.V. as an actor is that he portrays a character who has an accent like no other character we have seen in Star Trek films or on television. Having an accent adds authenticity and this aspect of J.V.Vogel’s acting abilities to his character’s personality.

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Although we are presented with only a small amount of information about J.V.Vogel’s music during the course of the film, his role as the character Melkor is crucial. Melkor is a member of an ancient race called the Drell, which according to the mythology were the first people on Earth. His job is to guard against the evil Chaka, who seeks to destroy the Chaka. It is through this role that J.V.Vogel’s music is introduced. We see him playing musical selections in the background while working in his office.

Throughout the film, J.V.Vogel’s character gets to play music. At first it is unclear whether this music is his original work or not. Some of it sounds very familiar and others are too random. However, it is clear that J.V.Vogel wanted the audience to believe that it was his music and that he played it while working in his office. This explains why we hear some of his songs being played over the credits.

The real strength of J.V.Vogel’s music comes from his creativity as a storyteller. He takes us on an incredible journey into the world of darkness and horror. While it may not be true that this film is truly scary, there is definitely a feeling of dread that hangs over the entire movie. Music is the perfect accompaniment to this type of atmosphere, especially for something like this.

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There is also a great deal of humor present in Jragen Vogel’s music. Though there is plenty of horror involved in the story, it also has a light-hearted quality to it. It is a shame that the film does not make more of an effort to keep the humor in check, but then again, this is probably the intended effect. The style and music of this film do remind us of the seventies and eighties, which is no coincidence.

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